The Applied Ethics Institute



The Applied Ethics Institute Membership is exclusive to graduates of the Certified Ethics Training program.  

The Work of Members

Members engage in training and coaching activities
that permits them an opportunity to teach, demonstrate, counsel, and/or train others in Applied Ethics, Organization Behavior, and Character  and Values. Being drawn to character and values training to teach, coach and train Applied Ethics and the moral responsibility that goes with the interpretation finds a clear demonstration of what is ethical and what is not. Clearly this is the workfor those who are inherently ethical mediators and organizational moral and ethics developers striving to improving and further developing an institution's internal ethos - one that is noteworthy and a model for other organizations.

Individuals drawn to public service, the law, medicine,
or any one of many other professional disciplines have historically been called upon to be those mediators.

In this the 21st Century, professional training and education often 
needs additional assistance to permit individuals to successfully act as ethical practitioners, diversity trainers and ombudsmen in organizations. These positions call on special skills with special training addressing special needs. Membership in the Applied Ethics Institute provides the networking continuation of skills development once Applied Ethics Certification Training is complete.