Training to Become an Applied Ethicist?


Practicing Applied Ethics Professional

Certification comes from one of the oldest modern online curriculum developers in the world - Advanced Ethics and Entrepreneurship trained specialists serving individuals, nonprofit organizations colleges and universities worldwide - Global Academy (Online).


A pragmatic ethics trained professional who completes the Applied  Ethics Training would seek to involve his/her community in character and ethics development. Involvement runs all the way from grade school to grad school to the corporate board room to our community leaders and to everyone in between. 

The Certified Applied Ethics professional is a leader, a coach, and a facilitator 
who seeks to instill in a private or non profit organization right-mindedness and character development along with helping raise to new heights ethical and moral decision prowess among community leaders, teachers, and students. The more people communicate and the more news people digest through the media and from each other, the more ethical and moral dilemmas they will see and uncover and seek to resolve.

A trained applied ethics professional stands in the position of being able to help understand what they (the public) has not seen before nor possibly understood. As an  ethics professional you will teach others how to solve those marginal situations that are not quite so clear-cut. Applied Ethics practices ensure both positive change and ethical awareness that a F
ree society depends upon.

Quick Reference Points:
  • Certification is affordable.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Designed for 10 weeks or less.
  • Training starts monthly.
  • Trainees become Trainers. 
  • YOU can make a difference!